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Humanitarian work

Jolie first became personally aware of worldwide humanitarian crises while filming Tomb Raider in poverty-stricken and widely mined Cambodia. According to Jolie, "I discovered things about what's happening in the world... Cambodia was really eye opening for me."[3] Deeply affected by these experiences, she eventually turned to UNHCR for more information on international trouble spots. In the following months she agreed to visit different refugee camps around the world to learn more about the situation and the conditions in the area.

In February, Jolie went on her first field visit, an 18-day mission to Sierra Leone and Tanzania; she later expressed how shocked she was by these first missions.[14] She then flew to Cambodia in June for two weeks, mainly concentrating on the land mine situation there[15], and later in August for ten days visited refugee camps in Pakistan which primarily host Afghan refugees; responding to an international UNHCR emergency appeal she decided to donate $1 million for Afghan refugees[16]. She insisted on covering all costs related to her missions and shared the same rudimentary working and living conditions as UNHCR field staff on all of her visits.[17]

Impressed by her interest and devotion in the subject, UNHCR named her a Goodwill Ambassador on August 27, 2001 at UNHCR headquarters in Geneva. During a press conference she explained her motives for joining the refugee agency: "We cannot close ourselves off to information and ignore the fact that millions of people are out there suffering. I honestly want to help. I don't believe I feel differently from other people. I think we all want justice and equality, a chance for a life with meaning. All of us would like to believe that if we were in a bad situation someone would help us."[18]

Following the September 11, 2001 attacks, Jolie was sporadically criticized for her commitment with Afghan refugees; she even received three death threats.[19]

Jolie's relationships

On March 28, 1996 she married British actor Jonny Lee Miller, her co-star in the film Hackers. Jolie attended her wedding in black leather trousers and a white shirt, which had her groom's name painted in her blood on the back. Jolie and Miller subsequently divorced on February 3, 1999. Jolie then married American actor Billy Bob Thornton on May 5, 2000. As a result of their frequent public declarations of passion and gestures of love (most famously wearing one anothers' blood in vials around their necks), their relationship became a favorite topic of the entertainment media. Jolie and Thornton divorced on May 27, 2003.

Jolie has said in interviews that she is bisexual. In an interview with Barbara Walters, Jolie said "If I fell in love with a woman tomorrow, would I feel that it's okay to want to kiss and touch her? If I fell in love with her? Absolutely! Yes!"[4] In a 2005 television interview, model Jenny Shimizu claimed to have had a sexual relationship with Jolie as teenagers around the time of the Foxfire filming.[5]. In 2006, a British tabloid reported that Jennie continued to enjoy a long-standing and ongoing romantic and sexual relationship with her former Foxfire co-star.[6]. Within a week Shimizu gave a special interview on the Q Television Network to specifically deny having a current romantic or sexual relationship with Angelina although they remain good friends. [7]. She claimed that the tabloid information was false and that they had not interviewed her.

In early 2005, Jolie found herself in the middle of a well-publicized Hollywood scandal when she was accused of being the "other woman" in the divorce of actors Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. The allegation was that she and Pitt had started an affair during filming of Mr. & Mrs. Smith. However, in several interviews she has denied starting an affair with Pitt. In an interview with Marie Claire recently, she stated that she could never have a relationship with a married man because she has seen what relationships like that did to her mother. Her father has acknowledged that he cheated on Jolie's mother when they were married. Jolie stated that she "could not look at herself in the mirror" if she had an affair with a married man.

Speculation over the nature of Jolie and Pitt's relationship continued throughout the summer of 2005. On August 22, the Calgary Herald ran a front-page story with a photo of Jolie taken during a surprise visit she made to Calgary, Alberta a couple of days earlier, accompanied by her adopted daughter Zahara. Pitt was at that time filming in Calgary, as was her father, Jon Voight. It was later reported that Jolie and Pitt visited the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology in Drumheller, Alberta together,[8] and sources reported in September of 2005 that they had visited the West Edmonton Mall together.[9]

On September 30, the Calgary Sun reported that Pitt and Jolie had rented a house together in the city of Spruce Grove, Alberta, west of Edmonton where Pitt was filming; the same issue printed a photograph of the couple, now dubbed "Brangelina," leaving an Edmonton grocer's.

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ANGELINA JOLIE said she would still have adopted little Zahara if she had turned out to be HIV positive.

But she added she was relieved when she found out her Ethiopian daughter, now 16 months, was clear of the disease.

Angelina said: "It’s a life-changing decision to adopt a child with that and so, to be honest, it was a relief when she wasn’t."

The 31-year-old actress also told of her fears before Shiloh, her child with Brad Pitt, was born in Namibia.

Speaking to CNN’s Anderson Cooper, she said: "I was sure everything was going to go right but at the last minute I became the mom who was sure everything was going to go wrong.

She continued: "She was healthy and it was amazing."

Angelina told how her son Maddox adores his newborn sister, but Zahara is jealous of the tot.

And the Oscar-winning star admitted she was "relieved" to find that her feelings for three-week-old Shiloh, her first biological child, were no different to those for her adopted children.

"I was kind of prepared to defend my other children, I was prepared to kind of give them extra love and attention because something was going to be different about this new one," she said.

"Mad loves her. Because when Z came home she was older, she was seven months old, so for Mad it’s like having this tiny little pet he can just hold and look at."

She revealed: "Z’s a little jealous because she’s still a little girl."

The UN goodwill ambassador also told how felt guilty about the death of a 13-year-old boy she met in Sierra Leone.

She explained: "He was the first child I met who was about to die. He was by himself.

"I still to this day - even though I know the broader picture, you can’t save everybody - feel that I should have helicoptered him out and spent the money and done something and saved him, even though I probably couldn’t have."

She added: "I still have guilt about that and I still see his face and I always will."

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