Wednesday, June 21, 2006

ANGELINA JOLIE said she would still have adopted little Zahara if she had turned out to be HIV positive.

But she added she was relieved when she found out her Ethiopian daughter, now 16 months, was clear of the disease.

Angelina said: "It’s a life-changing decision to adopt a child with that and so, to be honest, it was a relief when she wasn’t."

The 31-year-old actress also told of her fears before Shiloh, her child with Brad Pitt, was born in Namibia.

Speaking to CNN’s Anderson Cooper, she said: "I was sure everything was going to go right but at the last minute I became the mom who was sure everything was going to go wrong.

She continued: "She was healthy and it was amazing."

Angelina told how her son Maddox adores his newborn sister, but Zahara is jealous of the tot.

And the Oscar-winning star admitted she was "relieved" to find that her feelings for three-week-old Shiloh, her first biological child, were no different to those for her adopted children.

"I was kind of prepared to defend my other children, I was prepared to kind of give them extra love and attention because something was going to be different about this new one," she said.

"Mad loves her. Because when Z came home she was older, she was seven months old, so for Mad it’s like having this tiny little pet he can just hold and look at."

She revealed: "Z’s a little jealous because she’s still a little girl."

The UN goodwill ambassador also told how felt guilty about the death of a 13-year-old boy she met in Sierra Leone.

She explained: "He was the first child I met who was about to die. He was by himself.

"I still to this day - even though I know the broader picture, you can’t save everybody - feel that I should have helicoptered him out and spent the money and done something and saved him, even though I probably couldn’t have."

She added: "I still have guilt about that and I still see his face and I always will."

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